On the 2th and 3th of July was a meeting in Almaty, Kazakhstan to discuss the project activities. Almost all the partners took a part at this meeting.

Péter Veres from UMI presented the results of the surveys. Oliver Meier from OVGU presented the collected existing modules related to production logistics from all partners. All partners have agreed to extend this list of modules by using the template. The objective is to use this list to choose the required modules in the new master program.

Three working groups were established:

  2. GKU, KazATC and UMI
  3. KSTU, KNAU and OVGU

Each group develops a structure concept for the master program by using the results of the surveys and the existing modules. The partner universities concretize their needs for topics and specific modules in the new curriculum. The chosen modules should be categorized in the following way:

  1. Already existing modules at the partner university, ready to use
  2. Already existing modules at the partner university, which have to be improved slightly (eg. Rework some topics in the module)
  3. New modules transferred from EU partners, but knowledge still exists à no major “train the teacher” needed

New modules with complete new knowledge; intensive training needed

All partners with a budget for equipment presented their ideas and needs for equipment. UMI will support all partners with technical expertise. Decision about equipment should be made in the next weeks to start the tendering process. All partners have to be clear about national laws and regulations for the tendering process.


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