The Hungarian Association of Logistics, Purchasing and Inventory Management organized the 10th Logistics Day on April 15th with the focus being a conference for the ProdLog project, a joint endeavor between Institute of Logistics (University of Miskolc) and over ten universities abroad. 

Key speakers were:

Dr. Péter Tamás, Institute Director Associate Professor

Dr. Tamás Bányai, associate professor

Dr. Péter Telek, associate professor

Dr. Róbert Skapinyecz, associate professor

Dr. Péter Veres, assistant professor

Ákos Cservenák, research assistant

Szabolcs Szentesi, uni. teaching assistant

Gábor Nagy, uni. teaching assistant

Ibolya Hardai, PhD student

János Juhász, PhD student

László Erdei, PhD student

Main fields of discussion of the workshop were the following:

  • Logistic aspects of Industry 4.0
  • Heuristic approach of logistic problems
  • Path- and trajectory planning on an AGV
  • Mathematical description of the distribution logistics processes of consignment seller dietary supplement manufacturing companies
  • The impact of the pandemic on global logistics processes
  • Efficiency Improvement of Manufacturing and Logistic Processes in Industry 4.0 Environment
  • The impact of a just-in-sequence-based procurement portfolio in improving the efficiency of manufacturing processes
  • Road traffic modeling in transport logistics

Representatives of KSTU, KNAU, GKU, MADI, VSUWT, KazATC took part at the workshop and discussion.


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